Do not turn off both radiator valves unless you want to meet with an emergency plumber

Do not turn off both radiator valves unless you want to meet with an emergency plumber

When a party leads to emergency

At Friday evening they had a party and invited many friends. When in the middle of the party the living room became very hot, the mistress tuned off a lockshield radiator valve in order to stop heating awhile and make the room a little cooler. Unfortunately, her husband did the same with a thermostatic one a little earlier. Moreover, they both went to bed forgetting about their deeds.

On Saturday morning they were suddenly awakened by a doorbell. It was they downstairs neighbour. It occurred that while they were sleeping, both radiator valves had burst and were ripped off by the pressure. Unfortunately, all this happened in the middle of the night. Therefore, the disaster scale was very large: there was plenty of water all over the living room and hot water were still bursting out of the heating pipe. It was high time to call the plumbing company that provides emergency services.

Fix, explain, and instruct – the way we work

As you can guess, they dialed Harrogate Plumbers. So, soon after the phone had rung our emergency plumber was at the spot well-equipped to handle this task:

  • partially replace the heating pipe
  • replace the lockshield radiator valve
  • replace the thermostatic radiator valve

He fixed the emergency quickly. Then, he explained that this situation was a logical consequence of overpressure created by valves overlap. At last, he instructed the owners to check the position of their radiator valves before turning one of them off.

Who to contact in case of emergency

Emergency plumbers in Leeds

If you have to face breakthrough heating pipes or any other troubles that comes from your heating or plumbing system as well as from your washing appliances, you can count on our company. Our team consists of the most reliable emergency plumbers in Leeds. Local and experienced, they are fast to get to your location and to solve your problem as well.

Call us at +44 7492 204000 at any time of day or night if emergency strikes you and we fix it in no time. If you want to ask about our services, you can always email us at

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