We are on YouTube!

Hello everyone! Check us on YouTube!

Why? What? When?

We may assume that the questions Why? What? and When? are the first appeared in your mind when you found out that an engineering company has its own channel. Yes, it may definitely look unusual, however we think that it is something that will help us and you to become one piece. Right now, our YouTube channel has only one video where we briefly introduce ourselves, however in the near future we are planning to expand it. We will start creating videos sharing some engineering tips with you. They will help to deal with some common issues, which do not require an engineering presents. It will save your time and money, so please watch us on YouTube!


This is the last question that you may have, how to find us? Simple! Please use this link: https://youtu.be/K3wnhCnA-2Q

The services we want you to know more about

As  we said above, the video contains only company’s introduction, if you want to know more, please use this links to our most popular services:

Emergency plumbing

Boiler repair

Air conditioning service

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