When and how to service a gas boiler

When and how to service a gas boiler

We work all year round

We provide gas boiler service in Leeds.Usually, in autumn we have got a lot of call outs related to annual boiler check up. That is to say, this is a hot time for our team. The second rush comes when winter strikes. The low temperatures pose an extra load on these appliances. Consequently, it becomes essential to be sure they are running efficiently and safe. Nevertheless, in spring Harrogate Plumbers also receives similar orders, though not as much.

For example, one of our recent call outs was related to such service. The family has recently bought the house. However, the previous owner didn’t provide any documents proving he had serviced his boiler for the past few years. Therefore, before they moved into their new dwelling, they applied to us for boiler service in Harrogate.

The sample of our services

So, our engineer visited their place at appointed time and performed his servicing task. Firstly, he checked primary factors:

  • correct installation
  • gas pipe connection
  • electrical connections

Secondly, he checked all controls were functioning properly. Then, the engineer tested the flue to make sure the boiler was burning gas correctly. At last, he tested the gas pressure to make sure it was efficient and the appliance worked safely. In addition, he made sure the carbon monoxide detector wasn’t defective.

Fortunately, it was running correctly and there was no significant malfunction. A little cleaning of its parts was enough to improve its efficiency. In other words, the family could rest assured they were safe while using this appliance.

Call Harrogate Plumbers for boiler service

Taking care of your safety we recommend you do not neglect to check up your boiler, but service it annually. To arrange the visit of our Gas Safe engineer, contact us in any of the following ways:

The engineer inspects your appliance and checks all risk factors. Then, he carries out testing and cleaning works. In case of fault detection, you can discuss all opportunities and schedule an appointment for repairs. Thus, your boiler will run more efficiently. Most importantly, it will operate safely.

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