Top W-questions about an electric boiler

Top W-questions about an electric boiler

What is an electric combi boiler?

 A boiler is the core of any heating system in Leeds, Harrogate, and throughout the UK. It is an appliance that heats water so you can enjoy hot water while taking a shower and keep your dwelling place warm. The main distinguish of an electric central heating boiler is that it has got electrical heating element to perform its functions. Therefore, you don’t need to have got access to gas supply to warm your home.

An electronic combi boiler in LeedsThe word “combi” means you can use this unit to heat your home as well as to supply it with hot water. In other words, combi units have got two independent heat exchangers. Further, the main principle of residential heating systems with electric boilers is hot water or steam circulation into radiators.

The appliance switches on and off automatically due to a thermostat. So, when you set the desired room temperature, you don’t need to control on/off cycles.



What are pros and cons of electrical heating appliance?

The main advantage of using an electric boiler is in its installation simplicity as it doesn’t require a flue. Therefore, it is cheaper to equip your house or flat with this electric hot water furnace in comparison with gas one. Other benefits here are higher speed of water heating and less space it takes. Moreover, according to our vast experience of emergency boiler repair in Leeds, this type of appliance is less likely to break and easy to repair. Al last, it is eco-friendlier as it doesn’t emit carbon monoxide and other pollutants.

However, an electric boiler is much expensive to run compared to a gas heater. As you know, the electricity price in the UK is high. So, if you have got an electricity-based heating system, get ready to pay much larger heating bills.


What size electric boiler do I need?

 To clarify, you are asking about the unit output. In other words, it is about the appliance wattage. The general rule here is the larger your heating and hot water needs the larger output you require. To choose the right unit size, you need to consider the number of:

  • Bedrooms
  • Radiators
  • Bathrooms

Overall, a 24-27 kW unit generates enough heat for 10 radiators. That is to say, it is good for one-bathroom house with two bedrooms. But what if you have got three bedrooms, 15 radiators, and two bathrooms? Then, you’d better choose a 28-34 kW device to provide enough heat and supply both bathrooms with hot water. However, if you live in four-bedroom house, the appliance output should be no more than 35 kW.

In conclusion of our review, we would like to mention we have described just average examples of boiler size. So, we invite you to contact us to specify an exactly unit size for your facilities.


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