All you want to know about ac repair services

All you want to know about ac repair services

When your ac needs the help of a repair technician

Common issues

How will you know your air conditioner is on the verge of total breaking? For your convenience, we highlighted common types of its malfunctions:


  • Leaking water
  • Lower performance
  • Loss of power
  • Fault code


Air con repair and maintenance in LeedsUsually, signs of breakage are obvious. For example, you will find drops of water below the unit or see a fault code on the display. However, decrease of efficiency or temporary loss of power is harder to detect at early stage. So, to check the time it takes to cool the room is a good idea. Contact your ac repair company nearby if you notice any of these issues.



Common parts to replace

Harrogate Plumbers has been providing ac repair and servicing as a contractor in Leeds for many years. So, our vast experience enables us to make a list of parts that need to be replaced most often:


  • Air Conditioner Capacitor and circuit board
  • Compressor, thermostat, and condensate pump
  • Condensing unit fan motor and evaporator coil


As you understand, each issue mentioned above has its own cause. For example, an aircon may leak due to a broken condensate pump or just dirty coils. Lower performance may be caused by bad thermostat or leaking refrigerant. In the first case, an appliance incorrectly adjusts its settings and modes. In the second case, lower gas level decrease unit efficiency in general. Fast replacement of faulty parts is the best treatment for your appliance.

Ac repair labour charges

The question about repair charges is a question of labour complexity. In other words, it depends on the time amount it takes to bring an appliance back up and running. For example, it takes about an hour to replace a thermostat. However, compressor replacement is a more difficult task. Therefore, such ac repairs may take up to four hours even for a highly qualified person.

In addition, it is worth to remember companies usually charge weekend and emergency call outs at higher rates. For example, Harrogate Plumbers’ rates range from £70 to £200 per hour. So, we recommend keeping this factor in mind when schedule our services.


Close relationships between ac repair and maintenance

We always say that the best way to cut repair costs is to minimize the possibility of unit breakage. For this purpose, we recommend you to comply with air conditioning servicing requirements. Therefore, we presented here a brief guide how to service your air conditioning system:


  • Clean
  • Test
  • Check
  • Replace


As you can see, air conditioning repair service is a matter of four main steps to keep your air con in a peak condition. First of all, clean your air conditioner. Second, test its functioning and settings. Third, check gas level. Besides, check an appliance condition to detect parts that are close to the end of their life. And, last but not least, replace these parts before they will damage your air conditioning system.

Well, should we mention only skilled technician with F-gas certificate must accomplish works related to ac repair as well as its installation and maintenance?


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