When you water heater needs repair services

Water heater repair services guide

Main problems with a water heater

A water heater is easy to use and service. However, even though the appliance is designed to be reliable, you may face one of the following problems:

  • No hot water
  • Outgoing water is not hot
  • Outgoing water is too hot

These issues may occur due to the old or broken spare parts, which might be essential for proper heater operation. Therefore, in the further sections, we will describe spare parts you need to check and replace when you notice your gas or electric hot water heater needs repair.

What parts to replace to fix the problem

While the only task of the appliance is to supply you with hot water, we can divide all its parts into two groups. If there are any problems with the device, one of these parts is likely to blame.

Heating parts

This group deals directly with the water heating. It includes following parts:

  • A thermostat
  • Heating elements (for an electric unit)
  • A burner (for a gas appliance)

Water heater repair in LeedsBreakage of heating elements or a burner results in lack of hot water. However, an electric water heater may have got two independent heating elements. To clarify, if one of them fails, the other may still work but it takes more time to heat the water. So, you get water of lower temperature than it is used to be. This causes great inconvenience as you have, for example, to take a shower with cool water. Not to mention the stress of those homeowners in Leeds who keep their facilities warm by connecting water heater with their central heating radiators.

Breakage of a thermostat may lead to any of problems we mention at the beginning. The first two cases evidently don’t meet your washing and heating needs. On the contrary, the third case is potentially dangerous for your safety.

Thus, if any of these hot water heater parts malfunctions, you need to fix the problem as fast as you can. So, contact Harrogate Plumbers or any other reliable company engaged in hot water heater or boiler repair services near you.

Non-heating parts

This group mission is to provide a longer lifespan of an appliance and its better performance. Moreover, it ensures your safety as well. It includes following components, which performs different tasks:

  • A dip tube,
  • An anticorrosion anode,
  • A temperature and pressure relief valve.

A dip tube is a long pipe that delivers cold water to the bottom of the tank to provide its circulation inside the unit for even heating. If it splits, cold water will stay near the top of the tank. Therefore, you get the outgoing water of lower temperature than the desired one.

An anticorrosion anode attracts mineral and other corrosive elements. If it splits, it fails to perform its task. In this case, all sediments build up on walls of the storage tank. In other words, they corrode an appliance, shorten its lifespan, and decrease its efficiency.

Temperature and pressure relief valve ensures safe usage of a water heating appliance. The valve prevents the formation of high pressure inside the unit. In addition, it helps to lower water temperature when it is too high.

Brief summary about how to fix water heater

To sum up, each water heater malfunction has got its own issue. For example, lack of hot water is likely to be due to the breakage of one of heating parts. If you notice the output temperature is lower than usually, you can repair it by replacing one of heating parts or a dip tube. At last, too high temperature of outgoing water indicates a thermostat or TP relief valve malfunction. Replace them and you will fix the issue.

Contact us for fast and efficient repair if you notice any problems with you gas or electric heating appliance.

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