Air conditioning system maintenance: why and how

Air conditioning system maintenance: why and how

Why it is necessary to maintain your air con system

A perfectly designed and installed air conditioning system brings a lot of comfort in your life. However, it deteriorates when you neglect it. On the contrary, your air conditioning system serves you faithfully when you don’t forget about its maintenance.

Air conditioning system maintenance in LeedsIf you still doubt whether you need to bother yourself with air conditioning service, look at the following facts:

  • Aggressive environment make your ac system work hard and less efficiently,
  • Functional wear and tear decreases its performance and service life,
  • It is cheaper to prevent air conditioning system breakage than to repair it.

Speaking of aggressive environment we mean the dust in the air, debris, and extra humidity. Speaking of functional wear and tear we mean not only spare parts of an air conditioner and heater but also oil, refrigerant, etc.


Maintenance tasks you can handle on your own

Some steps are easy to do yourself, providing your house air conditioning with pre-service. They include:

  1. Cleaning the space around your outdoor unit,
  2. Cleaning your outdoor unit out of leaves and other debris,
  3. Rinsing or replacement of your indoor unit filters.

First, you need to ensure free air circulation around the outdoor unit. Any bushes, branches and other stuff close to the unit increase the risk of overheating the air conditioner compressor.

Second, falling onto the unit, leaves create a sort of blanket that wraps the unit. This makes compressor work harder. Moreover, it prevents proper cooling, leads to overheating, and damage a motor.

Third, dust in the air settles on air conditioner filters. Dirty filters make the outflow air smell unpleasant. Moreover, this affects your health.

Maintenance tasks you’d better leave to pros

Tasks we mention above are only the tip of the iceberg. That is to say, they remove just obvious problems caused by dust and debris. However, there is still a lot to deal with. In addition, there are many potential threats related to wear and tear. So, here are some other steps to complete:

  • Check the insulation, refrigerant level and oil,
  • Deep cleaning of all units and drain/condensate line,
  • Check thermostat operation and electrical disconnects,
  • Blower motor amperage and fan motor condition verification.

If you are not an air conditioning pro, you’d better entrust your system to a specialised company. If you live in Leeds, Harrogate Plumbers is a good choice. We use professional air conditioner cleaner and other equipment to check and test your ac system. Thus, we help you to keep you it in peak condition.

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