Emergency is not a problem for our plumbers

Emergency is not a problem for our plumbers

Harrogate Plumbers is a company that provides within: plumbing, cooling and heating. All of the services will be performed by professional and very experienced plumbers and engineers. To approve these words, we also provide 1 year guarantee on every work we do.

Where we operate

Mainly we provide service in Leeds, however we have also started going beyond this “borders” and started operating all around. We understand that some people may live in a countryside and in case of emergency there might be no companies around, who could help and make sure that the issue is solved. That is why our engineers are always ready to visit our clients even if it takes a bit more time for driving.

How much it costs

All the services have absolutely different prices and as we operate mostly with the emergencies, it might depend on the project scope. But if you live around Leeds and our engineers have to drive there longer than 40 min, we may charge you extra £30 – £50. If you want to know more precise prices visit our Prices page.

How to reach us

You can give us a call and arrange an emergency call out or send your enquiry on our email, if the issue is not urgent and can be solved later. In case if you would like to have a quick access to us, we also have a contract system that will allow you to Whatsapp an engineer (not operator) straight away and discuss your issue or organise his visit.


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