Useful details about Combi boiler installation

When you need professional gas boiler fitter assistance

To be honest, you need it whenever you decide to install a gas boiler. In short, there could be two main reasons that affect your decision about new combi boiler installation:

  • Frequent boiler breakages,
  • Low boiler efficiency

In the first case, your repair costs are enormous. Moreover, our boiler repair experience in Leeds and Harrogate enables us to say breakages often occur in winter. If so, you have to solve the issue in a hurry and overpay a lot of money for emergency call outs. Besides, think about the hazards of being without heat and hot water in cold winter months. Thus, you will have got no doubts why you need to replace your unreliable boiler.

combi boiler installation in Leeds

In the second case, your heating bills are too high. For example, if your boiler efficiency is 70% ErP, you overpay for your heat and hot water at least 30%. Even if your existing boiler wastes only 20% of used energy, this is a good reason to replace it.

How much does it cost to install combi boiler in 2019?

To answer this question, we need to specify the task. In general, total boiler installation prices include the costs of:

  • boiler,
  • parts,
  • labour.

However, the scope of works and amount of parts vary greatly depending on the case. So, we will reveal you average expenses related to boiler fitting in each of the following cases:

  • Like-for-like boiler replacement,
  • Boiler replacement with new location,
  • Converting from another boiler type.

Note, in this guide we give you approximate prices. They are based on the assumption that your existing pipework condition is good and you don’t need to replace any pipe. Contact Harrogate Plumbers or any other gas boiler fitter near you to discuss the details and get your personal quotation.

Like-for-like boiler replacement

This is the cheapest scenario. This task doesn’t imply any changes in your heating system. In other words, you don’t need to rearrange your pipework and so on. All that you need is to replace your old combi boiler with a new one. So, you are likely to spend about £2,300.

Boiler replacement with new location

In this case, you want not only to replace your unit, but also relocate it. For example, you may want to move your unit from the ground floor to the first floor or vice versa. To achieve this, you need slightly rearrange your pipework. Therefore, your expenses will be about £2,800.

Converting from another boiler type

Converting from another boiler type means you switch from, for example, a regular boiler to a combi unit. In this case you need to remove old storage tanks as well as rearrange your pipework. If you don’t change unit location, average boiler fitting cost is £3,100. On the contrary, if you want to install it in a new place, be willing to pay about £3,400.

Government regulations for gas boiler fitting

Gas Safe registered engineers

By law, only licensed engineers must install a gas boiler. To clarify, you are to deal only with an engineer who is listed in Gas Safe Register.

First, this is the question of your safety as Gas Safe engineer has got all relevant knowledge, skills, and experience. Moreover, he provides your compliance with gas boiler fitting requirements in the UK.

Boiler plus legislation

In April 2018 the Government introduced new standards of brand-new gas combination boiler and its installation:

  • Minimal gas boiler efficiency level,
  • Controls to integrate into heating system,
  • Extra devices to install with a boiler.

First, any brand-new gas boiler must have got 92% ErP and higher efficiency. Second, the legislation requires equipping a gas boiler with a timer and thermostat. At last, it obliges you to install at least one of the appliances:

  • Weather and/or load compensation system,
  • Fuel gas heat recovery system,
  • Smart controls with automatization and optimization functions.

All these devices adapt your heating system to your lifestyle and make it even more energy efficient.

Other FAQ about combi boiler installation

How long does it take to install a combi boiler?

The exact amount of time differs depending on the scope of work. In case of straightforward replacement our engineers complete the task within one day. However, moving it to new location takes 1.5 – 2 days. At last, convertingfrom a regular boiler to a combi unit may take up to 3 days.

What does installation procedure consist of?

In addition to boiler and pipework (if required) fitting, it also includes testing the unit and balancing radiators. Also, it is worth to flush your heating system to get rid of sludge.

Are there any other boiler installer duties?

An installer must provide you with a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate. In addition, they must notify your local authorities on your behalf about new gas unit been installed within 30 working days.

So, here we presented common questions about installing a boiler. However, if you have got any questions, contact our engineers and ask them.

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