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Air conditioning installation in Leeds

Air condition installation by engineers in Leeds

Use Harrogate Plumbers services for aircon installation

When it is too hot and dusty outside, you can wish to have a fresh and cool air indoors. If you decide to install an air condition, do not try to make its installation by yourself or by a handyman, because it requires special tools and knowledge. Errors made during installation and connection can significantly reduce the efficiency of the air conditioning, gross violations can cause a warranty loss.

If you need a professional company which deals with residential air conditioning installation, look no further than Harrogate Plumbers. Give us a call to get more information about our services and to schedule a time that is best for you. You also can leave an enquiry by filling the form that is below and be sure you will get a rapid response from our company.

Services we offer

Our company successfully deals with air conditioning unit installation, working in Leeds and all around. We can handle following tasks:

  • new a/c installation,
  • different types of a/c installation,
  • floor mounting,
  • wall mounting,
  • cassette a/c unit installation,
  • ducting (with addition fresh air inlet system)

Before the starting, our specialists carefully study a size and other parameters of your apartment, the type of selected air condition and its capacity in order to plan the installation. Then, our engineers come to your home or business at appointed time to install your air condition, following the manufacturer's equipment recommendations as well as its technology. That ensures smooth operation of the air conditioner over its lifetime. They bring all required tools, so you have nothing to be concerned about. Having installed, they always make sure it fit properly and test after installation.

Air conditioning unit installation by Harrogate Plumbers
Residential air conditioning installation in Leeds

A few reasons to choose us

We are able to deal with an air con of any type. Even if your space is limited, your air con unit is rather big, and its installation is challenging, we can handle it also. We understand that your time is of a great value, so we always stick to the schedule. If you hire our company, you can be confident that we do our best to install your aircon quickly and clean. And we always carry the installation trash out, so you won’t have to spend your time removing it by yourself.

We have years of experience and a lot of knowledge in this field and we are proud to offer them to you at a very competitive price.

You can also contact us if you need some help with emergency plumbing service that we provide all around Leeds.