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Air conditioner maintenance in Leeds

Air condition maintenance in Leeds

Harrogare Plumbers: we undertake air condition maintenance to provide its long life

Air condition maintenance is strictly recommended to provide its efficient work in a long run. This service can prevent an air con breakage due to the timely detection of faults. The fact that dusty filters can’t supply you with fresh air but increase your energy bills is no less important. The first thing affects your health, the second – your budget.

If you need a company which can provide your air conditioner with effective maintenance and, thereby, extend its life, pay your attention to Harrogare Plumbers. Being well-informed about routine services needed for long and efficient work of your unit, just call us or fill the below form to get quotes and to schedule services. If you have any question about how to maintain your air conditioning, you are also welcomed to give us a call or leave an enquiry. Our team will do their best to answer all your questions.

Where we step in

Our company provides air condition maintenance for both domestic and commercial costumers all around Leeds. Our standard package includes:

  • key nodes inspection,
  • full cleaning,
  • gas level check,
  • electrical connection and thermostat check,
  • testing

Our highly-qualified engineers inspect air conditioning key nodes in order to find potential problems. Then they clean the heat exchanger, fan, filters, evaporator, and blinds from accumulated dirt. Gas level check is one of the most important procedures that must be accomplished, because a low gas level always causes efficiency loss. So, every air conditioning needs refrigerant recharge annually. Our professionals also test your appliance in all operating modes with the aim to control the temperature of the incoming and out coming air. Although our engineers try to cover all issues about your air conditioning, there still can be a lot of questions in your mind. Feel free to ask as we are happy to guide you.

Air condition maintenance by Harrogate Plumbers in Leeds
Air conditioner maintenance in Leeds

How we can benefit you

We know that you have a lot of deals and appointments, so we are always on time for our scheduled services. Our enormous experience let us to maintain any air conditioner quickly and efficiently. We assure you have nothing to be concerned about if you hire our company for your air conditioner maintenance. You can just enjoy cool and fresh air, lower cooling bills, and prolonged air con lifetime. And we are proud that we are able to give all this to you at fairy prices.

We can also help you with emergency plumbing service that we provide all around Leeds.