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Central air conditioner installation in Leeds

We provide central ac unit installation

Install a perfect central air conditioner with Harrogate Plumbers

When you have a large house or a multistory building, central air conditioning system installation can be the best decision to provide it with fresh and optimally humid air. This is a daunting task. One of difficulties you can face is fitting your premise with neither undersize nor oversize ac unit. First is unable to cool your area completely and effectively, second cools too fast but is unable to provide appropriate humidity level. Ductwork is another challenge and must be accomplished by special-trained personnel with special tools and equipment.

So, installation projects should be handled only by experienced air conditioning contractor, such as Harrogate Plumbers. Contact us by phone or send request by filling a special form on our website, and we will do our best to let you enjoy fresh air.

Works we are great at

Operating all around Leeds our company successfully performs following works for domestic and commercial customers:

  • full central air conditioning system design
  • package system installation
  • split system installation

First of all, our highly-skilled technicians evaluate your premise and calculate a load your air conditioning system has to endure. The exact heat gain estimation is carried out to determine the proper type of central air conditioner for installation that meets your cooling needs, your budget, and law requirements. Then, they find the best location for a condenser. So, you can be sure airflow restriction won’t lower the unit's efficiency and its noise won’t disturb you. If you already have ducts, our team inspects it, evaluates its ability to accommodate the needed air volume, and modifies it if necessary. If you do not have it, there is no problem to design and install appropriate ductwork determining the best position, so that all your area will be fully supplied with fresh air.

Central air conditioner installation in Leeds
Central air conditioning system installation

Why to use our services

We take pride in our extensive knowledge, training, and experience that enable us to cope with any task related to central ac unit and its installation. Our engineers are fluent in fast but unobtrusive methods of ductwork fitting. You can be sure that our engineers accomplish their work with minimal cuts and little mess as well as they disguise ductwork cleverly. So, you do not have to bother yourself with mess cleaning or hiding a duct.

Given these advantages and our really friendly prices you come to acknowledge our offer as the best. To increase your benefits, we provide a long-term guaranty for our installation works.

Companies may also face plumbing issues, therefore we can offer you our emergency plumbing service that we provide all around Leeds.