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Commercial air conditioning installation in Leeds

Commercial air conditioning installation by Harrogate Plumbers

Harrogate Plumbers: your business needs an experienced air conditioning contractor

Planning to invest in commercial air conditioning system, you understand that its smooth running has too much importance for your business and the sum of its installation is too great to trust it to low-experienced and semi-trained installers. So, you are looking for a company which has established itself as a reliable air conditioning contractor – for Harrogate Plumbers.

If you need to install or retrofit air con system, give us a call or send an enquiry by filling the below form. Our team always tries hard to offer solutions that reduce our customer’s costs for air conditioning system installation and operation.

Works involved

Operating in Leeds and all around, our company undertakes the full stage commercial ac installation that includes:

  • full design
  • accurate budget estimation
  • project documentation
  • duct system construction
  • ac unit installation
  • commissioning

Our team is excellent at accurate heat gain estimation and ac unit capacity and efficiency determination. We take into account all factors that affect the commercial ac unit size and installation conditions while designing your aircon system. You can be sure that, having got budget estimation at once, you won’t have to revise it in order to complete the installation project. We arrange all project documentation and install ductwork and the air conditioner strictly according to the design-project, manufacture instructions, and other regulations using advanced tools and materials. To ensure its smooth running, our engineers always perform commissioning works when trial start is carried out as well as emergency situations are worked out.

Commercial air conditioning installation Leeds
Commercial ac installation in Leeds

Our advantages for your business

As a highly experienced company, we produce the best decisions for our commercial clients related to air conditioning system installation. All works we perform using advanced fast and efficient methods that allow us to provide the least interruptions into your business process.

Offering our top quality services at very competitive prices and supplying them with a guarantee we anticipate that we are able to meet all you commercial cooling needs and expectations.

You can also know more about our emergency plumbing service that we provide to help your business at any time!