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Gas boiler service in Leeds

Gas boiler service in Leeds

Your combi boiler is in good hands with Harrogare Plumbers

Supplying you with heat, your gas or electric boiler works days and nights at least for 8 months a year. That’s why it is strongly recommended to provide your heating boiler with an appropriate service at least once a year. This prevents your boiler from serious faults and your budget from great expenses, and, that is the most important, guarantees your safety.

If you feel that your energy bills are increasing or your boiler is not as efficient as it should be, or if you notice any signs of improper working, we advise you to contact our company as soon as possible. You are also invited to order our annual boiler service. Give us a call or fill the below form and leave an enquiry. We are always glad to offer our qualified help.

What do our services involve?

To prolong a boiler lifetime and ensure our domestic and commercial customers safety, Harrogate Plumbers provides gas and combi boiler service all around Leeds. It includes:

  • condition check
  • gas pressure check
  • cleaning
  • testing
  • and more

Our skilled and well-trained engineers inspect your boiler for corrosion and leaks. Using special equipment they check boiler controls and main components in order to ensure its safely operating and well functioning. To increase your boiler capacity and efficiency they clean all its parts. Everyone knows that carbon monoxide is a great danger and hard to be detected without special tools. So, we always run a flue test in order to make sure there is no carbon monoxide leak.

Heating boiler service in Leeds
We provide gas boiler service in Leeds

Why apply to us

Our team is highly experienced with any boiler type, so we are able to handle any task. Applying to our company for a gas boiler service, you can be sure about your safety because our engineers have F-gas and Gas Safety certificates. We value our customers' time very much and never allow ourselves to be late. For the same reason we do our best to accomplish works as quickly as circumstances allow. But do not let the speed of our work mislead you about its quality! This is due to a well-thought-out work algorithm and the use of advanced tools and technologies. So, you can be sure that all our works are always of the top quality.

To prove the highest quality of our services, we always provide them with a guaranty. We also strive to benefit you by offering our services at a very friendly price.

Apart from the boiler service we can also help you with emergency plumbing service that you can organise within minutes just by giving us a call!