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Gas heater service in Leeds

Receive heating system service by Harrogate Plumbers in Leeds

Harrogate Plumbers: we provide your safety

Gas heating system service should be regularly carried out as a preventive procedure. This reduces the likelihood of early appliance failure, increases its lifespan, and provides your safety. Do not try to do it by yourself. Since every gas heater is a potentially dangerous appliance, gas heater servicing, as well as repair, must be accomplished only by a specialized company, not even by a handyman.

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Briefly about our services

Harrogate Plumbers provides gas heater repair and service for domestic and commercial clients in Leeds and all around. Our gas experts can deal with:

  • leak testing
  • cleaning
  • connections leak tightness check
  • condition check and repair

As carbon monoxide is known to be very dangerous for your life, it is the first thing that should be tested while servicing a gas heater. To prolong its life as well as to provide its efficiency, our gas engineers clean and unclog the burners and air filters. In case your air filter is disposable, they replace it matching its size and thickness. They also inspect all hoses to check its condition and connections for leak tightness in order to prevent gas leak. Along with these procedures, our excellent-trained engineers check flue pipes, gas regulators and pressure relief valves, being able to repair or replace it if needed.

Gas heater repair service by Harrogate Plumbers
Receive heating system service by Harrogate Plumbers in Leeds

Our advantages

Our engineers are highly qualified and experienced, so they are able to service and repair all types of gas heaters. According to the current rules and regulations, all our gas heater technicians are F-gas and Gas Safety certified, having been trained for safe gas working. We assure you that being on time is one of the main principles of our work as well as top speed operating, efficiency, and a guaranty our works provided with. All these benefits we are happy to offer you at the most competitive price.

We can also provide you emergency plumbing service that might help you during the most problematic situations.